This section is dedicated to my sister, Cindy, who devoted her short life to writing and performing folk-pop music.

Cindy left this world quite suddenly at the young age of 36 years old.

It is my intention that this medium (i.e. the web) will enable her writings, music, and graciousness to live on.
Cindy with her beloved Toy Poodle "Gigi" Cindy was a beautiful woman, both on the outside, and inside!

Living for a period in Germany as a child, Cindy bought a German made Framus guitar.  These 'tune player's were well constructed and a great entry level guitar for an aspiring musician. Many were 12 string (a bit of a novelty at the time), and produced a very full sound. Cindy often performed using her Ovation guitar.  In fact, it  was over thirty years ago that aeronautical pioneer Charlie Kaman did what few have ever succeeded in doing - he revolutionized the acoustic guitar. Ovation guitars arrived on the scene in 1966 with their round back and new ideas. Professional musicians hailed the guitar's performance and purists shook their heads.

Cindy as a child at the piano.  Cindy(r) and longtime friend and singer-songwriter partner Linda(l). 

Cindy performing, using her Ovation guitar. Cindy, was frequently on the road performing.  In this instance, a gig at a Holiday Inn in Texas.

A publicity photo taken on the back of a railroad caboose.

Cindy at Christmas time.

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