Surf Guitar Legend Dick Dale Plays

The Birchmere!


Dick Dale, The King of Surf Guitar, was in great form at his May 24, 2006 performance at Alexandria, Virginia's Birchmere Music Hall.

The hall was filled with regulars that come to see him each year, as well as new faces. 

Sam Bolle was at his usual best on the bass guitar, and Daxx Neilsen did knockout drumming duties for Dick.  

Fans commented how much they liked, and were moved by, Dick's closing number which was a tribute to America's military veterans, and those serving our country. 

After the show, fans lined up to say hello to Dick and get CD's, Fender Dick Dale issue guitars, and other stuff signed.  Dick took time to talk with young guitar players about his technique.  He also discussed how much fun and enjoyment he had making early beach movies, like Beach Party and Muscle Beach Party.   Thanks to Dick for signing my BP, MBP lobby cards, and Pipeline 45, which fans can see below. 

A great time was had by all, and we hope to see Dick back in 2007!


A note on the photos.  Fan photos precede Dick's performance photos, and this is no accident.  You fans are what it is all about, and the reason Dick comes back each year, so a salute to you all!

The photos are resized, and compressed from the originals, so please be aware this does impact image quality.  The Adobe software used has also done some interpolated redeye reduction and skin-tone adjustment, so if your eyes are a different color (or one eye okay/one red), blame the software not me, and please know I simply do not have the hours to individually touch up each photo <G>.  If you see a photo or two you like, I can e-mail you the original non-retouched version.  Drop me a line at seesaw8@hotmail.com

Also, many thanks to Tommy L., who is a Dick Dale (and Birchmere) regular, and enabled me a front and center seat to be able to take these photos.