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Okay Dick Dale fans, here, I am presenting digitized renderings of vintage Dick stuff.
  This is a work in progress,  more stuff to come.

Recent Additions


Annette's Beach Party
Signed LP



Discoveries Magazine
Sh-Boom Magazine
Cool Culture Magazine

Dick Dale Concert Flyers

3.5"x2.5" Card with 45 Labels & 2 Muscle Beach Party embedded film clips encased in Lucite.






Beach Party Lobby Cards both in Spanish and English Muscle Beach Party Lobby Card
Publicity photo with Dick playing and Candy Johnson in 'Bird Pants' dancing!

Dick Dale Concert Flyers

Dick Dale Live At Ciro's LP Grudge Run 45




Back To The Beach movie soundtrack Cassette Tape and LP

Dick Dale played a blowout duet with Stevie Ray Vaughan on the song Pipeline!
Dick Dale & The Deltones 1960's and 1972 concert flyers


Concert tickets signed by Dick and son Jimmy Dale and Coach House tickets from 1986




Better Shred Than Dead, postcard (top) and Dick Dale patch.




Autographed guitar for 'interesting' looking fan




Event flyer, The Sapphire Club, Orlando, Florida, November 30, 1996 (top)

Dick Dale Car Kulture Magazine Interview, April May 2008 Vol. 4 Number 1 (bottom)




Life Magazine, "The Good Life of An Idol," August 30, 1963

1963 "The Scavenger #5048" promo ad and October 6th
Ed Sullivan Show plug



Poster, Battle of The Surf Bands poster, Huntingon Beach High School, Huntington Beach, California, June 28, 1992 (top left)

Battle of The Surf Bands II, Poster and "Surf's Up" autographed surfboard clock, June 13, 1993 (top right)

Promo postcard Ocean View Beach Party Festival, at The Autry Museum, June 22, 2003 (bottom)


DaleDickLetsGoTrippin45Autographed05192002RamsheadTavernAnnapolisMarylandResize192.JPG (60396 bytes)
The Green On The Hill, concert poster, Signal Hill, California, June 23, 2000 (top)

Dick Dale & The Fireballs Australian tour concert flyer

Dean Markley ad

Bad Trip Magazine cover, no. 46 ca 1995.



'Radioactive' KAFY 550 am Radio Bakersfield, California Fabulous 55, Peppermint Man/Miserlou, Playlist Week of January 12, 1963 Let's Go Trippin' & Glory Wave 45's

Goldmine cover, July 26, 2002 (top left)

Happening Magazine cover,
June 1992 (top right)

Moo Magazine, May 12, 1995 (bottom left)

The Rock Marketplace, March 1973 (bottom right)



Pulp Fiction

The mid-1990's Quentin Tarantino directed movie opened with Dick Dale's Miserlou, and went on to become a commercial success and cult classic.



Muscle Beach Party, Beach Party, signed still & lobby cards






Event Program, America's Third Annual Teenage Fair, Hollywood Palladium, Hollywood, California, March 20-29, 2964

Event flyer, The First International Surfers Stomp
Hollywood Palladium,
August 26, 1973 (bottom)

Dick Dale Night at Pacific Ocean Park (POP), March 6, 1964






Event flyer, The Electric Ballroom, Tempe, Arizona, September 22, 1995 (left)
Newport Music Hall, event flyer, May 16, 2002 (right)

Concert Ticket, Majestic, Detroit, Michigan, May 31, 1996 (bottom)


Dick Dale Surf Monster painting by Lamar Sorrento

Event flyer (and Dick performing), Redondo Beach Lobster Festival, September 27-28-29, 2002

Event flyer, The Green On The Hill, Signal Hill, California, June 23, 2000 (top)

Event flyer, Tkon, Tulsa, Oklahoma, December 14, 1996 (bottom)

Asbury Lanes, Asbury Park, New Jersey event poster, May 22, 2005

Washington Park Rose Garden event poster (bottom)

Dick Dale & Stevie Ray Vaughan, Pipeline performed for the movie Back To The Beach

Dick Dale & Stevie Ray Vaughan, Pipeline Grammy Award Nomination Plaque, 1987

Dick Dale Signed Pipeline 45


Event flyer, Rendezvous Ballroom Reunion, March 26, 2000

Event flyer, Toads Place, New Haven, Connecticut, May 31, 2001 (top)

Event flyer, Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver, British Columbia, June 10, 2000. With 'Captain' Ron Eglit and Dusty Watson (bottom)

Cowabunga! The Surf Box Set, Rhino Records, 1996

Miscellaneous LP's, 45's (top)

Hava Nagila Picture Sleeves (bottom)




Event flyer, "Mondo Topless"
North Star Bar, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, May 30, 2002 (left)

And one more (right)






Austin Texas Event Posters

Lucy's Retired Surfers Bar, Austin, Texas (top).

The Red Eyed Fly (bottom)

The artist for most (or all) of these great posters is Austin based Jaime Cervantes with Sleepy Giant.


Autographed, Dick Dale surfboard promo photograph (top)

Calling Up Spirits
Record Store Display Poster (middle)

Event flyer, Bay Park, San Diego, California, January 31, 1998

Dick Dale T-Shirts

Tribal Thunder (top)
Muscle Beach Part

Spatial Disorientation
Dick Dale Night at Pacific Ocean Park (POP)
Dick Dale Shirt approx. 1999 (bottom)


Event poster, Dick Dale-The Ventures, UCSB, Santa Barbara, California, October 17, 1981 (top)

Event Poster, Chicago House of Blues, May 13, 2002 (middle)

Event Poster, The Fabulous Satellite Lounge, Houston, Texas  November 10, 2002

Surfings Greatest Hits LP compilation (top)

Wild Wild Mustang #5187 Capitol Records promo ad (bottom)





Promo ad (reproduction), Surfers Choice & King of The Surf Guitar (top)

Promo poster, "The Phenomenal Dick Dale King of The Stomp, Teen America's New Favorite!" Capitol Records, 1963 (bottom)

King Of The Surf Guitar, greatest hits LP cover, Rhino Records, 1986

The Continental magazine issue #15, May 20, 2008


BAM, Cover, August 13, 1993 (left)
Who Put The Bomp magazine article no. 14  Fall 1975 (right)

Dick Dale surfing on guitar, artwork poster

Record Collector magazine article, Issue no. 203, July 1996 (Top left)
Pulse Magazine article, August 1993 (Top right)
Atomic Magazine 4 page article Fall-Winter 2001 (middle)
DIG Magazine February-March 1996 (bottom )


Mr. Eliminator LP Cover (top)

Surfer's Choice LP Cover & LP (bottom)


Checkered Flag LP Cover (top) and Wild Hot Rod Wails cover (middle)
The Scavenger (French release, bottom)
A Swingin' Affair (1963) Movie Still (top); Original movie poster (middle).
Beach Movie acetate fram (bottom)
Autographed Dick Dale event handbill, Bluebird Theater, Denver, CO, May 5, 2002

South Bay Surfer Cover, Interview, November 1982 (top)

Cedar Rapids Iowa Gazette Weekend Section Cover and interview, May 13, 2004 (bottom)





Solamente Records XCR02, various artists, The Dickheads, mid 90's, blue vinyl disc and cover near mint. This is nice compilation of 90's surf bands doing ten Dick Dale tunes, featuring the Phantom Five, Quadrajets, Car Thieves, Daytonas, Neptunas, and Cruncher. Tunes include Banzai Washout, Miserlou, Surf Beat, The Wedge, Shake-n-Stomp, Taco Wagon, and Misirnagila. The Fairest Of Them All / We'll Never Hear The End Of It (Cupid 107) 45 from 1960(top).

Same 1963 Release on Yes Records, Newark, New Jersey (#7014) (middle)

Ooh-Whee-Marie 45 (bottom)




Rare French Original 60's EP Dick Dale and The Del-Tones- 4 tracks Capitol "BIEM" on labels

Made in France
7" - 45rpm -Mono
Side 1 :  Peppermint man
2-Surf beat
Side 2 :
  3- Eight till midnight   4-Misirlou


Discoveries, record and cd collector trade publication featuring Dick Dale on the cover.  Issue no. 106 March 1997 (left)




The World of Surfin' LP compilation, Almor Records (top)







Dick Dale Outre Magazine Vol. 1 No. 6 1996 (top)

Dick Dale on Cover of Vintage Guitar Magazine, December 2002




Here is a multiple shot view of a drumstick used during Dick Dale's May 26, 2004 Birchmere, Alexandria, Virginia performance.  Amazingly, Dick was borrowing this drumstick from then drummer great Dusty Watson to do his guitar percussion segment, it slipped out of his hand and literally landed in front of me (I had a front row seat).  Later, Dusty and bass player Sam Bolle (who also do duty for well regarded California surf band Slacktone) signed it.  I got Dick and son Jimmy's signatures at the June 3, 2004 First World Guitar Congress Dick Dale Fender Stratocaster 1960 Beast (11 x 15 inch poster)

Dick Dale Buttons






King Of The Surf Guitar Sheet Music (top)













KFWB Radio Fab Forty Survey

Let's Go Trippin' At Number 5
November 24, 1961.



PeppermintMan     Sheet Music

Dick Dale did a cameo appearance in the 1986 Surf City Katin X Surf Competition classic talking about one of his first Surfboards from Hobie.
Click to see enlarged signed VHS cover.

Official Dick Dale Cap

Inner tag signed by
Dick Dale after his Oct. 26, 2011 Trader Lees Ocean City, Maryland performance.

"Admit One" - Dick Dale Night at Pacific Ocean Park (POP) Santa Monica, Calif. March 6, 1964.
Signed by Dick Dale July 31, 2012.
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