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March 1, 1998 DAR Constitution Hall, Washington, D.C. was a performance that any Ventures fan would have died for.  The group was backed up by The United States Air Force Band, The Air Force Reserve Pipe Band, Robins AFB, Georgia, and vocals were supplied by The Singing Sergeants.

A highlight was when 4-star General George T. Babbitt, Commander, Air Force Material Command, Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio got up and played drums on Walk Don't Run.  Babbitt was in fact the Ventures' first drummer, but left for an Air Force career.  In full military regalia, General Babbitt had the time of his life performing a piece from long-ago.

Do not miss this rare performance video featuring The Ventures along with General George T. Babbitt
Walk, Don't Run!

Enjoy a few photos (click for enlargements) from that memorable day.

VenturesDAR03011998Program.JPG (77545 bytes) VenturesDAR03011998Program(a).JPG (168955 bytes) VenturesDAR03011998Program(b).JPG (83235 bytes) VenturesDAR03011998Program(c).JPG (118874 bytes)

The Concert Program describing the event and Air Force Guest Artist Series

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VenturesDAR03011998SingingSergeants.JPG (39087 bytes) VenturesDAR03011998Wilson.JPG (58060 bytes) VenturesDAR03011998WilsonBabbitt(a).JPG (70159 bytes) VenturesDAR03011998WilsonBabbitt(b).JPG (60949 bytes)VenturesDAR03011998WilsonBabbitt.JPG (60341 bytes)
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