Edgar Winter

Edgar Winter was a monster act in the 1970's with hits like Frankenstein and Free Ride, off the album They Only Come Out at Night. 

Autographs from both Edgar Winter and Rick Derringer, from an April 9, 1999 performance.

Edgar Winter (r), and Rick Derringer (2nd from r) 1990
Rick Derringer was also with the legendary McCoy's,
the group that did Hang On Sloopy


Edgar Winter with Carlos at the 2006 NAAM show. 

Carlos, works with legendary guitar great Dick Dale, and is one cool dude!

Thanks to Carlos for this awesome photo of Edgar Winter!

I caught up with Edgar, along with longtime sidekick Rick Derringer at Jaxx, Springfield, Virginia.  Click the pictures to enlarge.

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  One of Edgar's hallmarks has always been a strap on keyboard.

Blow that sax Edgar!

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Edgar plays everything, even drums.


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Heading into Y2k, Ricky "guitar" Derringer still plays a sizzling electric guitar!

Rick Derringer.  Note the "RD" on his flaming red guitar.

RD was also famous in the 1970's.  His best known album is All American Boy.

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    Rick Derringer and another very able lead guitar player who tours with Edgar.

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