John Mayall


John Mayall and longtime drummer Joe Yuele's signatures.

John Mayall is an elder statesmen of British blues music.  Many a famous musician is a product of his early Bluesbreakers, including Eric Clapton.   Yours truly and the great John Mayall outside Jaxx, Springfield, Virginia July 14, 1999. Click the autographed ticket or here to see awesome photos from John's July 14, 1999 Springfield, Virginia show.  

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John Mayall's autograph from his Sept. 26, 1997 Liberty Lunch, Austin, Texas gig.

Singing a blues tune.  Oh yeah, what a delight!

Promo for John's September 26, 1997 Austin gig.  The venue, Liberty Lunch, an Austin, Texas institution for 25 years is to be relocated to new digs.  So long to the old Liberty Lunch, and thanks Mr. Mayall for having played there! "Big John" blowing away on the harmonica.

A little keyboard action by John Mayall

John and Bluesbreaker's lead guitar great Buddy Whittington.

John's been doing this many years, and still looks and sounds great!

Bluesbreakers bass guitar player John Paulus.  

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