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The great Don Walser and his Pure Texas Band, along with Bill Kirchen played the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. on September 23, 2000

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Don and long-time Pure Texas Band members perform at the Kennedy Center Millennium Stage (click to enlarge picture).  
To view Don's archived Kennedy Center performance click here (go to Sept. 23rd to pull up the event).

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Fiddler great, Howard Kalish!

The extraordinary Don Walser electrifying the grateful audience at the Kennedy Center.

Bass player 'Skinny' Don Keeling, Don Walser, Bill Kirchen

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Top peddle steel guitar player Scott Walls.  Don ranks him among the top ten in his profession. Don's wonderful wife, Pat, which he sings about in many of his songs.

Thanks Pat, you and Don are the best!

Piano great, Floyd Domino, playing fine!
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Bill Kirchen, and Howard Kalish

Floyd Domino and Maryland resident Ted Smouse.  Aren't those great shirts.  Ted says that well known Austin based shirt maker Susan Penn made his shirt, and also does shirts for Don and other well known performers. 

Ted offers country music with 'wide borders' via his Internet cybercasts on Rancho Del Ray  Give Ted a listen!

Al Walser (Don's son), and a pretty guest.  Al is the webmaster for Don's official website.
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Don Walser and a positive note wishing me "good luck in life."  Don is not simply gifted musically, but gifted in goodness as well, as he wants the best for all in this world.

'Skinny" Don Keeling on Bass

'Skinny' Don Keeling, Don Walser,  Bill Kirchen, and Howard Kalish.
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