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Leo Kottke is an acoustic guitar virtuoso.  Among the greatest of all time.  I have seen him perform a number of times, and always been amazed.  
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KottkeJRAuto19982002NoREye.jpg (59806 bytes) KottkeSI2001JRLeo.JPG (97799 bytes)KottkeSI2001TicketStub.JPG (24021 bytes)
A prized photo of Me and Leo taken after his 1998 Birchmere, Alexandria, VA performance.
Leo signed it for me after his May 16, 2002 Smithsonian Institution, Baird Auditorium, Washington, D.C. performance.
Another one of me and Leo after his February 3, 2001 Smithsonian Institution, Baird Auditorium performance.


Leo and me after his April 2, 2004 Baird Auditorium performance.

Dynamite show!

Dynamite guy!



Leo Kottke's 12-String guitar (pre-performance), and Leo carrying his 6 And 12 String Guitars he performed his show with.


Leo playing his 12-String guitar, which gives off a very rich and full sound.


Leo singing while he plays.



Leo was the first to autograph two custom surfboard signs on April 2, 2004, that will hopefully receive many more signatures from a variety of artists. Leo wowing the audience with skilled guitar work on his 6-string.



612AutographLR.jpg (26151 bytes) DreamsAutoCDCover--softenedLR.jpg (41373 bytes)
Autographed CD jacket to my sister and me.  She "turned me on" to him many years ago.  Sis--this is for you! Autographed CD jacket.
Strumming away at The Birchmere, Alexandria, Virginia (1998). Just finished his 1998 gig, and he's happy with the performance-as was the delighted audience.
DreamsLogoLR.jpg (36106 bytes) DreamsLeo-DonaldDuckLR.jpg (27334 bytes)
Yes, Leo, life is all about Dreams & All That Stuff, and your gifted playing of the guitar is a part of that dream. Goofing around with Donald Duck

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KottkeSI2001Playing(a).JPG (77295 bytes)

KottkeSI2001Playing(c).JPG (62035 bytes)

KottkeSI2001Playing(b).JPG (43920 bytes)

KottkeSI2001Playing.JPG (120748 bytes)

Leo, bantering with the audience during his February 3, 2001 Baird Auditorium sellout performance.

Leo, and sheepish grin.

Leo, a master on the 12 string acoustic guitar delighting the filled auditorium!

Leo continuing to delight the Washington, D.C. Baird Auditorium audience!

KottkeSI2001FanShot(resize).JPG (59173 bytes) KottkeSI2001AfterShow.JPG (61939 bytes)
OneGuitarNoStingsAutoCDCover.JPG (131664 bytes)

Leo Kottke after his February 2001 Smithsonian performance.

Leo Kottke after his April 2, 2004 Smithsonian, Baird Auditorium, Washington, D.C. performance.

Autographed CD Cover, One Guitar--No Vocals.

GreenhouseLPAutoBairdAud05162002.JPG (139948 bytes) KottkeLPLeoKottkeAutoBairdAud02162002.JPG (166622 bytes)
KottkeLPMyFeetAreSmilingAutoBairdAud05162002.JPG (93636 bytes) Kottke-MyFeetAreSmilingPostcard(despeckeled).jpg (34946 bytes) Kottke-MyFeetAreSmilingPostcard(a).jpg (6967 bytes)
Leo Kottke, Green House, autographed LP cover, Baird Auditorium, Washington, D.C. May 16, 2002 (partial LP cover scan, click to enlarge) Leo Kottke, Leo Kottke, autographed LP cover, Baird Auditorium, Washington, D.C. May 16, 2002 (partial LP cover scan, click to enlarge) Leo Kottke, My Feet Are Smiling, autographed LP cover, Baird Auditorium, Washington, D.C. May 16, 2002 (partial LP cover scan, click to enlarge).

My Feet Are Smiling postcard (not mine), indicating the LP is from a live performance December 19-20, 1972, Tyrone Guthrie Theater, Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

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