Billing themselves as "America's Instrumental Rock And Roll Combo," this may be an understatement when one looks at the skills and background of Los Straitjacket's co-lead guitarists, flat out playing drummer, and ultra-fine bass player.  Throw in some colorful masks, way cool medallions, hi-top tennis shoes, a group that obviously loves what they do--and it adds up to serendipity!

I could go on about how Los Straitjackets came to be, and why they are so well regarded, but why waste time when all one need do is pick up 3 CD's (The Utterly Fantastic And Totally Unbelievable Sound Of Los Straitjackets, Viva! Los Straitjackets, Sing Along With Los Straitjackets), give them a listen, become a convert, and then if one wants to (or even needs to) know more, check out the group interviews provided via links on this tribute page, or dig around their official website.

Don't miss Los Straitjackets June 5, 2007 televised appearance on Late Night With Conan O'Brien! 

The group appeared along with Big Sandy, and is a long-time favorite of Conan.  In fact, when introducing the group he says "I Love These Guys."


Los Straitjackets
The World Famous Pontani Sisters
Kaiser George
State Theater, Falls Church, Virginia November 10, 2006

Los Straitjackets, joined by The World Famous Pontani Sisters, and Kaiser George put on a stunning"Twist Party" to an appreciative State Theater crowd.
Los Straitjackets continues to lay down some of the sweetest, most clean guitar licks in the universe!
The Pontani Sisters looked great in their retro outfits. 
Kaiser George looked straight out of mid-1960's London in his garb, and also has a Buddy Holly look.

A Twisterific time was had by all!

Note, The above are post performance photos.  Performance photos to be posted (or linked to), as available from other photo takers at the event.

Surfin' To Baja


Surfin' To Baja, was a unique music theme cruise taking place in early 2003, with stops at Avalon Bay, Santa Catalina Island, and Ensenada, Mexico.  The cruise featured both Los Straitjackets and legendary instrumental group The Ventures, as well as Alan White of Yes, Jeff Cook of Alabama, and Roger Fisher of Heart.  This shirt was obtained on-board the cruise ship Ecstasy, but signed by Danny Amis, Eddie Angel, Pete Curry of Los Straitjackets on November 10, 2006, and Don Wilson, Nokie Edwards, Leon Taylor, Bob Spalding, of The Ventures on March 15, 2006 (go here for show photos). 

For more photos and narrative associated with this once in a lifetime cruise please visit  The Ventures website).


Signed copy of Los Straitjackets - Deke Dickerson 'Sings The Great Instrumental Hits"


Los Straitjackets at The Ramshead Live
Baltimore, Maryland, May 26, 2006

Los Straitjackets put on a stellar performance, opening for surf guitar legend Dick Dale.

Everyone commented on how clean and in sync the set was, and fans simply could not get enough.

As follows are photos from this well received performance. 


Los Straitjackets and World Famous Pontani Sisters at The Birchmere, Alexandria, Virginia August 13, 2005






The entire group blowing the audience away! Angel-Eddie Angel Daddy-O Grande--Danny Amis Chevron-Jimmy Lester Pedro-Pete Curry

Angel, Pedro, and Daddy-O team up for some awesome guitar licks and moves!

The following photos were taken by me at The Continental Club, Austin, Texas around late 2000 or 2001.
Click Images To Enlarge

LosStraitjacketsContiClubDAmis(a).JPG (41355 bytes)


LosStraitjacketsContiClubEAngelAuto.JPG (71817 bytes) LosStraitjacketsContiClubEntireBandPeteCAuto.JPG (82007 bytes) LosStraitjacketsContiClubJLesterAuto.JPG (70084 bytes)

Danny Amis

Eddie Angel in action.  Eddie autographed this picture for me. Group shot at Austin's famous Continental Club.  Bass player Pete Curry autographed the picture. Drummer Jimmy Lester giving it everything he has!  These guys play flat out the entire gig.  Thanks for the autograph Jimmy!
LosStraitjacketsContiClubDAmisAuto.JPG (53144 bytes) LosStraitjacketsContiClubEAngelLPankratzAuto.JPG (65087 bytes) LosStraitjacketsContiClubLesterChamisAmis.JPG (79584 bytes) LosStraitjacketsContiClubEAngel.JPG (49137 bytes)
An autographed picture of Danny Amis.   Eddie Angel unmasked, along with Lisa Pankratz, a well regarded drummer in her own right.

Jimmy, Pete, and Danny.

Eddie Angel playing under the blue neon Mercury.  The crowd loves it!
LosStraitjacketsContiClubDAmis(b).JPG (56304 bytes) LosStraitjacketsContiClubEAngelPeteCAutoDAmis.JPG (81035 bytes) LosStraitjacketsContiClubEAngel(a).JPG (73059 bytes) LosStraitjacketsContiClubDAmis(c).JPG (53968 bytes)
Danny Amis adding some vocals.

Eddie, Pete, and Danny.

Eddie under Mercury again.

Danny looks thoughtful.

LosStraitjacketsContiClubLesterChamis.JPG (57955 bytes) LosStraitjacketsContiClubEAngel(b).JPG (51242 bytes) LosStraitjacketsContiClubEAngelDAmisAuto.JPG (81845 bytes) LosStraitjacketsContiClubDAmis.JPG (39525 bytes)
Jimmy adding his vocals, Pete behind him. Eddie Angel burning up the frets! Eddie and Danny jamming.

It does not get any better than this!

Danny is really into this song.

Los Straitjackets drummer Jimmy Lester was good enough to give me a drumstick used for the group's January 10, 2002 Iota Club, Arlington, Virginia performance.  The entire group signed it (see images, click to enlarge).  Thanks Jimmy!
LosStraitjacketsIota2002DrumstickLesterAngel.JPG (21067 bytes) LosStraitjacketsIota2002Drumstickamis.JPG (17259 bytes) LosStraitjacketsIota2002DrumstickChamisZaremba.JPG (16878 bytes)
Lead Guitar Eddie Angel and Drummer Jimmy Lester's signatures. Co-Lead Guitar Danny Amis' signature.  Bass player Pete Curry, and accompanying guest artist Peter Zaremba signed the drumstick.

Speaking of the January 10, 2002 Iota Club, Arlington, Virginia performance, as follows are some after show pictures, and one of Danny Amis performing.  The Straitjackets were accompanied on vocals by guest artist Peter Zaremba, and energetic dance trio the World Famous Pontani Sisters.
LosStraitjacketClubIotaAmis01102002.JPG (49277 bytes) LosStraitjacketClubIotaEAngelJR01102002.JPG (59129 bytes) LosStraitjacketClubIotaLesterAmis01102002.JPG (55111 bytes) LosStraitjacketClubIotaLesterJR01102002.JPG (46866 bytes)
Danny Amis playing a neat looking guitar. Eddie Angel unmasked and me after the show.  I had on a Ronnie Dawson shirt.  Eddie once toured as a part of Ronnie's band. Fans, along with unmasked drummer Jimmy Lester and a still maked Danny Amis. Me and drummer Jimmy Lester.  Jimmy gave me one of the drumsticks used for the show, wow!
LosStraitjacketClubIotaCurryZaremba01102002.JPG (47041 bytes) LosStraitjacketClubIotaLesterJR01102002(a).JPG (61462 bytes)
Guest artist, Peter Zaremba(l), and Bass player, Pete Curry, covering his eyes to avoid the camera flash or remain incognito.

Me and Jimmy Lester.  I had on my Ventures cap.  The Ventures and Los Straitjackets are headlining a Surfin' To Baja cruise in February, 2003, which should be the experience of a lifetime!

LosStraitjacketsSingAlongWithcover.jpg (61634 bytes)

Here is an extensive review of Sing Along With Los Straitjackets by Dominique Leone, of Pitchfork.

Did you know that Los Straitjacket's Eddie Angel once played with
Rockabilly great Ronnie Dawson's band?  

Ronnie has departed for Rockabilly Heaven, check out my tribute page to him!


UtFantasticCD.JPG (48714 bytes) VivaOuterCover.JPG (177722 bytes) VivaInnerCoverAuto.JPG (131476 bytes)
The Utterly Fantastic And Totally Unbelievable Sound Of Los Straitjackets CD. (click to enlarge) Viva! Los Straitjackets CD cover.
I say Viva! to great cover artwork! 
(click to enlarge)
Viva! Los Straitjackets CD inner cover signed by Eddie Angel, Danny Amis, and Jimmy Lester. (click to enlarge)

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Los Straitjackets Official Website
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