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"Blue sky, sunshine, what a day to take a walk in the park.

Ice cream, day dream till the sky becomes a blanket of stars.

What a day for pick-in' daisies, and lots of red balloons.

And what a day for hold-in' hands and be-in' with you."

                                                    ---Lazy Day,  Spanky And Our Gang

One of my Favorite 60's groups (1966-1969) was out of Chicago, headed up by female lead vocal, Elaine 'Spanky' McFarlane, and appropriately called Spanky and Our Gang. 
Other group members included Malcolm Hale, Oz (Paul) Bach, Nigel Pickering, Lefty Baker (true name Eustace Britchforth), John Seiter, and Kenny Hodges.
The group did not release many songs, but several of them, particularly, Sunday Will Never Be The Same (performed June 18, 1967 on the Ed Sullivan variety show), Lazy Day, and Like to Get to Know You, embody the idealism of that era, and are timeless. 
Spanky's powerful voice, great supporting harmonies, and song arrangements, are what made for such a unique sound. 
Tragically, group member Malcolm Hale died in 1968, as did Lefty Baker in 1971. 
More recently, (September 1998), founding group member, Oz Bach, succumbed to a lengthy battle with cancer. 

Sharon Bach, wife of founding member Oz Bach has put up the ultimate tribute site, complete with photos of
Oz, Sharon and family, song lyrics, as well as where to buy re-released Spanky and Our Gang CD's.

Check out Spanky and Our Gang Videos:

Spanky And Our Gang - Memory Lane Montage
(Well done, multi Audio-Video clips)

Spanky And Our Gang - Sunday Will Never Be The Same (Murray The K Special "Live in New York" 1967)
Spanky And Our Gang - Lazy Day
(45 RPM Original Mono Mix)

Spanky And Our Gang - Like To Get To Know You (Studio version)
Spanky And Our Gang - Suzanne (1968 clip orig. Leonard Cohen)
Spanky And Our Gang -
Leopard Skin Phones (The Smothers Brothers Show)
Spanky And Our Gang - Give A Damn

Check out the lyrics for Lazy Day--such an uplifting song!

Kind of like Sunday Will Never Be The Same, due to the loss of so many group members, Spanky and Our Gang will never be the same, but the great tunes and memories will live on forever.
Bruce Eder--Has a detailed group history that is worth a read.

Spanky was back performing March 9, 2012 at Armando's Martinez, Calif.

Founding Spanky And Our Gang Member Nigel Pickering, along with his band mate Jim Carrick played a long-running weekly gig at The Trade Winds Lounge, St. Agustine, Florida
The duo released 'Sunset At The Trade Winds Tropical Saloon'

Contact Eclipse Studios for CD order information:

2155 Old Moultrie Road
St. Augustine, FL 32086
ph. 904.794.1872

In December 2003 Spanky teamed up with singing legend Chris Montez performing at the San Carlos 60's Music Festival.  Thanks to Leslie Sahlen for helping organize the event, and allowing the use of these photos.


Chris Montez

Bobby & Leslie Sahlen

Ethan Kenning, Chris Montez, Spanky McFarlane, Carlos Bernal Spanky & Terry Wiseman Spanky & Friends Mona Van Riper, Kimberly Reid, Chris Montez, Spanky, Leslie Sahlen
Chris Montez sings 'Oh Donna' backed by members of Spanky and Our Gang,
2003 San Carlos Music Festival, Sonora, Mexico.
Paramount Theater, Austin, Texas June 3, 2000
Mamapalooza, Peoria, Illinois, October 28, 2000
Curleyfest I, Ferndale, California, October 27, 2001

Curlyfest II, Ferndale, California, May 13-26, 2003
Thanks go out to "Spankette" Leslie Sahlen for encouraging Spanky to perform, and helping organize Curleyfest.

SpankyWillieParamountJune2000b.jpg (153231 bytes)

Spanky (r) & Willie Nelson at the Paramount Theater, Austin Texas June 3, 2000.  I was told no Our Gang material was performed, but maybe this will change when she is doing solo gigs (I really hope so).  Click the picture for enlarged version (150kb).  (Photo courtesy of Leslie Sahlen)

St. Augustine Spanky And Our Gang Reunion

Spanky along with Nigel Pickering, and Kenny Hodges put on a reunion concert at the Trade Winds Lounge in St. Augustine, Florida, March 14, 1999.  Also present was Mama Blue (a key figure in Our Gang's genesis), Sharon Bach, Belinda Bach (Sharon and Oz Bach's daughter who is also a song writer and musician), John Brown, and Curley Tait, former manager of  Spanky & Our Gang, among others.
Spanky and Curley Tait at the 1999 Trade Winds Lounge reunion concert. (Click To Enlarge)
For more pictures, please see Sharon Bach's photo montage from the gathering.

Spanky McFarlane and Curley Tait Video Interview (great historical discussion by Spanky, 6:04)

On another note, on September 16, 2001, the Trade Winds Lounge held a benefit for former
Spanky and Our Gang member Nigel Pickering, who reportedly fell and broke a hip.

Mother Blue Meets Her Maker

 Another key figure in the evolution of Spanky and Our Gang has unfortunately met her maker.  Lorraine Marie Blue (best known as Mother Blue and/or Mama Blue) passed away in her sleep on June 16, 2000 at 3:45 AM of lymphoma at her home in Sacramento.  

A memorial was held on July 29, in Sacramento, and was also observed at other locations by friends not able to attend.  Spanky, Ginni Clemmens, and other friends wrote and performed songs in her honor.  Donations may be made in her name to the American Cancer Society.  Please see Sharon Bach's Mother Blue memorial page.

The following pictures (Click To Enlarge) are from a compilation called Spanky's Greatest Hit(s), which is no longer in distribution.  Thanks to Sharon Bach for identifying the band members, and her personal insights.

"In the choir robes (pose from the Smothers Brothers show incidentally - they were singing Leopard Skin Phones, alternating between brightly colored 'mod' clothes in front of a huge stereo system and the choir robe pose)  They are, from left to right, front row, Nigel (Pickering), Spanky (McFarlane), John (Seiter), back row, Kenny (Hodges), Lefty (Baker)." (Click To Enlarge) "In the solo photo is Malcolm (Hale), who passed away before the final release of the 3rd album.  He does perform on that album, however."

Spanky and Our Gang Play The Hollywood Palace (courtesy of Sharon Bach, Click To Enlarge)



Vintage Spanky and Our Gang "Making Every Minute Count". 
45 RPM vinyl record cover. 69 cents, what a deal!
(Click To Enlarge)
Spanky And Our Gang
"Without Rhyme Or Reason"
LP Cover Insert. Thanks to Jim F. for
providing the image (Click To Enlarge)
Elaine "Spanky" McFarlane with The New Wine Singers, a group that preceded Spanky And Our Gang.  This is the LP "The New Wine Singers At The Chicago Opera House."
Thanks to Jim F. for providing the LP images (Click To Enlarge)
Elaine "Spanky" (pictured at the microphone) with The New Wine Singers "The New Wave.  Wonder if this was one of the first uses of the term "New Wave," in the music world?
Thanks to Jim F. for providing the LP images (Click To Enlarge)

Sheet music for Lazy Day, Like To Get To Know You, Making Every Minute Count.


Spanky & Our Gang concert ticket, Valparaiso University, Indiana, May 10, 1968

Spanky & Our Gang, Armadillo World Headquarters, Austin, Texas February 20, 1977 Distance-Sunday Will Never Be The Same, 45 picture sleeve.

Label & Number: Mercury 127 278

Pressing (Land & Year): Holland 1967

Spanky McFarlane, 1990's (Click To Enlarge)
Video Of Spanky at Rock & Rolls' Main Event press conference, Bonaventure Hotel, Los Angeles, California, Summer 1989

Spanky And Our Gang Links

--Sharon Bach's Spanky And Our Gang Web Portal--A must see gateway to all things Spanky And Our Gang produced by wife of founding group member Oz Bach. 
-- Spanky McFarlane and Curley Tait Video Interview (great historical discussion by Spanky, 6:04)
Disclaimer: This is not an official website for Spanky And Our Gang (one does not exist), but simply a fan tribute page. 

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